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Aug 20, 2012

Second Sock Syndrome-Cured

For some time, I have been wearing the somewhat mismatched socks from SolMate.
I'm ready to graduate to wearing socks that are more than "somewhat" unmatching.

And it's the perfect cure for Second Sock Syndrome - the affliction that plagues many of us who knit socks, a peculiar psychological aversion to knitting one more of exactly the same thing.

I say just don't knit the Second Sock! Have your sock wardrobe consist entirely of OOAK single socks, paired together in a kaleidecope of combinations.

One of my favorite artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, never wore matching socks as part of his philosophy and had this to say about that: 

"Why do you have to wear two matching socks?
Odd, i. e., non-matching, socks
are a living, wearable symbol
of the rejection on inhumane regularity."
Go check out the gallery of socks made to his designs here.

And check out the sock on the right in my picture.  It's made of an Opal sock yarn in one of  their Hundertwasser collections - colorways based on his paintings.  As you can see, they recommend making two different socks, one with the pattern knitted vertically.

 Positive Seelenbaume Negative Menschenhauser

Now I'd like to see this same principle applied to Second Sleeve Syndrome!!!



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