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Aug 4, 2012

Total Art Day With Sophia

All week, I've had an underlying sadness...more than my usual. Must be because today marks one year since the day we had to let Clover go. I feel guilty being so sad and missing her so I'm not being grateful to have Lily in our lives....crazy stuff we go through over loss.

Yesterday granddaughter Sophia and I had a Total Art Day. The only thing we used the computer for was to play music while we created. We played everything from Carlos Nakai to Of Monsters and Men to Beethoven's Bagatelles.

Sophia began by making these mandala watercolors while I finished up some writing.

Then we decided to do some Touch Drawing.
This required space and tables - I'm ever so glad I've gotten Studio 1 in such order. We had our windows replaced last week and this required me to virtually dismantle the room so the workers could get to the windows. It was so cluttered that it was dysfunctional, impossible to work in.  Now, well, even not quite finished, it was totally functional for our needs.

I brought up all the materials from Studio 2 in the basement and we set up a perfect work area for us.

We grounded and centered with a Five Element Qigong exercise, put on some peaceful music and began.

We ended the day with collage.

Sophia was very excited about the Guitar Center catalog....

I only did one collage, using a sari silk scrap (got a whole bag of these here) and some torn pieces from one of my Touch Drawings.

 Flying Carpet (4" X 6")

Hope this was just the first of many Total Art Days!!!



At 8/9/12, 9:20 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Looks like a wonderful day!


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