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Feb 21, 2011

Wurm, or Yarn Harlot Groupie Project

Yes, I am a Yarn Harlot groupie. I love Stephanie's blog and I always want to do what she's doing because she makes it sound interesting, mostly fun, and if not fun, at least not boring.  However.

We are very different knitters, have very different tastes in objets de tricot.

Hence, I have never finished anything I've started when I've succombed to the compulsion to Knit What She's Knitting. And furthermore, I usually wind up intensely disliking the project, and (not quite so intensely) myself for once again falling into the spell she casts around the projects she loves.

One example: the adorable French Press Felt Slippers.  I think Stephanie made several hundred pair (she even tried a mass felting in the bathtub!)  I could not even finish one slipper.

In any case, I believe I have learned from my mistakes and get that I may enjoy the Yarn Harlot's witty writing about what she's knitting, spinning and weaving, but that does not mean that I will enjoy doing the same thing.


Recently, she wrote about making a hat that...well, you can read her blog post here.
Although I don't really have the same hat issues as the Harlot (mine involve looking like a very old bag lady in certain hats) I was very intrigued by the pattern:
Wurm.  Free pattern. Quirky. Whimsical. MOI!
And I WILL finish it. See, it's almost done. I actually have the feeling it will not look very good on me, that I've made it too small. But I can see myself making another, larger Wurm.

The yarn is Dream In Color Classy in Cocoa Kiss.

And I adore the nifty doubled brim/edge it begins with:
So thanks, YH, for this one!

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At 11/3/15, 4:46 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, I'm new to knitting. I'm trying to make this hat using the magic loop method. I was wondering since you sound like you know what your doing compared to me who doesn't. :)

I have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to "fold at purl round (with knit side facing and purl side inside the double blending), pick up first st from the cast on edge and k together with live st, repeat this for making a double edging of hat.

At 11/3/15, 5:38 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Hi Altha - I've never used the magic loop method, so I don't know if there is something special I'd need to tell you about this part of the hat in regard to that method.

Basically this pattern is for a double thickness of material at the brim - it's actually pretty nifty. You knit the brim for X number of rows, then knit the same number of rows of the crown, fold the brim at purl round. Then you continue on knitting the crown, attaching the folded up brim by picking up the stitches of the edge you cast on and knitting them together for that one round.

Here's a YouTube video about this technique - hope it is useful!


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