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Dec 1, 2009

Sock Pouches

Here's one UFO completed. A little pouch for my husband to use for a saxophone part.

It didn't start out life as a pouch.
It was supposed to be the first of a pair of magnificent Maze Mosaic Socks. Glorious Shibui yarn.

The reason why it was a UFO is because I had a lot of trouble with the heel and then the striped foot part.  It just didn't want to work for me as written.  I especially didn't like her heel flap instructions. I tried to do my usual heel, but still couldn't grok how to get those lively stripes streaming from it in the gusset.

So I just stopped trying. But couldn't bear to frog it.  When I came across the other day, I just bound it off and sewed it closed for a pouch.

And I love it.  I love the whole idea of making little pouches from glorious sock patterns.  It's a solution for people who love knitting socks, and have been afflicted with Second Sock Syndrome.
If I didn't already have Aestlight on the needles, I might be casting on for another Maze Mosaic...

Pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
IMPORTANT: Errata for this book here - some extensive errata on the Maze Mosaic pattern, too. I had a print-out at the time, but I'm wondering if some has been added since...

....maybe it wasn't me!!


At 12/1/09, 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such a cute sock pouch - I could see this becoming a new trend!

At 12/3/09, 4:25 PM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

Socks-meh- anyone can have socks but a pouch now that is something one treasures for a very long time, especially a specialty pouch to carry a speciaity in! I think this pouch is utterly cool- love it!
Cheers! You are always on my mind- I send wishes***


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