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Jan 24, 2009

Clean Socks & Freeform Bracelet

A very quick post - Sophia will be arriving any minute and I think that will limit my computer time drastically.

This was a lovely sight to me: a whole bag full of freshly washed handknit socks:
I want to thank Martha of RiverWools for assuring me that my socks indeed can be washed in the washer. For the longest time I was hand washing them and besides the time spent, they just didn't get as clean as I'd like. So. I pop them in a laundry bag (I like this one by Woolite) and put them in a cold/cold wash et voila! The spinning helps enormously as well, as it gets lots of the water out and they air-dry pretty quickly.

Here is my worktable in its current state:
I am working on freeform crochet here. And here is a freeform bracelet:

This is in ArtYarns in a Handpaint Stripe colorway (#136.) I have to say I loathed this colorway in the skein, but liked the way it worked up in freeform. And the yarn itself is very nice to work with - it's soft and kind of springy, and makes a rather sturdy crochet.

The interesting thing about this bracelet is that I created it essentially all in one piece. It just sort of flowed forth, beginning with a 36" chain. I crocheted back a ways with slip stitch and then I began to create the circles that form the design, then made the band by again creating a few inches of slip stitch cord and crocheting back and forth on both sides of it, formed the loop for the clasp, and finished by wrapping the remainder of the chain around the band. I secured it on the back side.

Sophia has arrived, so I'm done here!

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