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Jan 22, 2009

Short Row Experiments

I was looking through one of a myriad of 'bits 'n'pieces' boxes I have and found these. Sometimes I'm just amazed when I find something interesting I've written or created and never really done anything with - I often think, I did that? Why didn't I continue the exploration? Then again, engaging in the process without concern about outcome (product) is both a learning experience and a Zen experience of being-in-the-now.

I was using Silk Garden and creating a variety of short-row triangles. I varied the number of stitches in my short rows - where the tri is biggest and has that neat curving edge I believe I wrapped-and-turned after just one stitch.

In the detail above, I don't remember how many stitches in the short rows, but I was also doing a 3/3 rib.

Actually, I just realized that these experiments (as well as the Blossom Shawl in Knitty) inspired the Short Row Wedge Wraps I did in Kureyon. I very lightly felted these. Here's one:
ah...process AND product.
Balance is good.


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