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Jan 18, 2009

Putting Away the Decorations

That's it -- those three items were all that I put up to honor the season, a wooden door wreath, a shiny gold star meant as a tree topper (no tree, just a Christmas Ottoman with presents on it) and my beloved Mary-descending-a-trail-of-Stars Advent calendar. The little cardboard Mary is moved along each day.

Anyway, it was a very strange Christmas with nothing at all as it was in the past. Paul and Molly on the way back from Michigan were stranded for hours on the highway in that awful ice storm of the 23rd, no one gathered here at the Solstice, and some family upheavals happened.

And was okay. I had some quality solitude, cleaned and organized my spiritual space, The Goddess Room, and worked on centering and grounding.

I have many new tasks and am letting go of others that do not serve me well.

One thing I want to do is pay more attention to this blog. It certainly serves me well - I have been blessed with readers who are amazingly compassionate, inspiring people. I want to keep this connection with them.

So I'm going to be tidying up this space a bit, updating the sidebar, and will be making some better-late-than-never posts in the next few days.

I am certainly working on my art - freeform is where I want to focus - but some of the things are Secrets which I can't post...the things I'm working on in preparation for leading my first-ever freeform workshop, and the things for the 2009 International Freeform Fiberart Challenge (we're not supposed to reveal them until the online show goes up--in May?) You can see other years (I participated in the 2007 challenges) at

I'll close this post with a Happy New Year's wish to all (in keeping with my current better-late-than... theme) and a picture of Clover peering out at the bleak winter landscape from the cosiness of the window seat in the Goddess Room.

Namaste and brightest blessings,


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