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Dec 8, 2008

morning glories past

Back in October, my friend Stephanie had the most glorious morning glories.
I took lots of pictures. Here's two:
ahhhh, those heart-shaped leaves....
and that star in the center....

Once I dreamed that morning glory vines were growing up my arm.

Morning glories and moonflowers, two of my favorite flowers.
High on my short list of possible tattoos.

(Possible only if I get over my fear of a weird allergic reaction to getting tattooed.)


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At 12/8/08, 11:50 AM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

Tats for ZANN! i don't think I could find a smooth enough surface on this old tank of a body for one but - you go girl! A tatoo would be awesome indeed!- morning glories are weeds here and they do grow everywhere, choke out everything else, including well establish old trees. Beautiful overbearing - the blossoms are usually a good three inches in diameter- I love how they go to sleep, all curly and tight and when morning comes BLOOM!out they come again for more proliferation and choking.


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