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Jan 17, 2008

Whimsy for Troubled Times

Spending hours a day in a nursing home with a mother with Lewy Body Dementia is certainly Troubled Times. I won't even get started on the additional stress coming at me from the facility itself. Sigh.

It's a huge effort to even stay awake when I get home in the evening. And then I'm sort of a sighing zombie-woman. I'm trying very hard to find any little place where I can feel and be light-hearted and remember the joy in the Universe.

Last week, I stopped by BooksAMillion on my way home to get a cup of tea, to unwind, and wandered into the Old Navy next door. And wandered out with:

Dr. Seuss hands!!

These gloves were on sale - in matched pairs, of course. I bought the last purple pair for me and bought the navy/white stripe for my sister. Then I decided to make two mismatched pairs of them. What can I say--the sight of these on the steering wheel as I drive just makes me smile. Much like the serendipitous muppet paws fingerless mitts I made way back in 2006. Which, by the way, as glitch-ridden as they were, were literally bought off my hands at a party! The woman claimed she was used to wearing whole sweaters with knitterly flaws....

The picture above was taken by my lovely daughter-in-law DeAnn, over dessert at the Bit of Britain tearoom on Monday. I had hoped to top off my quiche and salad lunch with their Sticky Toffee Pudding (which I have only heard about thus far), but, poor me, they were out and I had to settle for this Fudge Brownie Pie. Yes. Poor, poor me.

Thus fortified with good company and good food, and my Dr. Seuss hands, I began another week.... Oh, and I sent the other pair to my sister. I'll bet she'll be getting them today. Hope she gets some silly smiles on her face, too!


At 1/20/08, 9:02 PM, Blogger Barbara H. said...

I love the Dr. Seuss hands! That was positively brilliant to mix them up! Wish I could take away your sorrow and stress. Sending hugs your way.

At 1/26/08, 2:25 PM, Blogger Tangled Stitch said...

What a lovely idea! I am sure they bring as many smiles to those who see you in those lovely gloves as they do on your steering wheel. Love and prayers for you during this difficult time.


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