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Nov 7, 2006

Bowl, Shawl Pins, Garlands

I awoke today with the notion that I am going to blog my little heart out this week and get lots of photos posted, especially ones which have been patiently waiting in the wings for a very long time. If I try to do this in a very organized way, I think it won't get done, but I will try for some coherence....
Here we go:
Ceremonial Grief Healing Bowl #3 Wool, handspun, knitted, wet-felted

A knitted, wet-felted bowl in the pattern I made for a bowl to put in the center of the grief healing ceremony after Patrick died. This one is much larger than the first two I made, and I don't have it with me to measure, but I'm thinking it's about 8" across.

Shawl Pin (or Scarf Pin or even Hair Pin)
Wool, handspun, crocheted, wooden hair stick

A whole bowl of 'em. The colored ones are all done in Noro Kureyon.

Garlands 60"-72"
Wool, crocheted

Garlands (detail)

These garlands are mostly chain stitch, with an occasional slip stitch, sc, hdc connecting the chains in the parts I call pods. Good for decorating one's neck, a doorway or window, mantle or tree....

And here they are in the display of my things at RiverWools, my home-away-from-home LYS.
I really appreciate Martha's support of my creative spirit and the opportunity she gives me to share it with people and even sell a few things. I had the ultimate pleasure of being in the shop when a woman came rushing in to buy one of my hats (she'd been in earlier in the day and came back!), and said all kinds of nice things about my work, not even knowing I was there. So I thank her and I thank Martha for providing the opportunity for me to have that experience.


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