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Sep 17, 2006

Thank You, Peacock & Two Caps


I cannot let another day go by without my public thank you to Peacock! She was my wonderful Secret Pal in SP7 - the first and only SP project in which I've participated. I couldn't have asked for a better Pal. We've continued to stay in touch and hopefully will be able to get together in person next spring. She recently had knee surgery and I kept checking her blog to get updates on that. One of the things she did pre-surgery was to get a LOT of packages out to her various swaps and pals. When I saw that picture in her 08/16 blog entry, little did I know that one of those packages was for me! At the same time, I finally got a package sent to her -- some things I'd planned give her when SP7 ended, my little thank you that was delayed by our family tragedy.

A big Thank YOU, Peacock!! Hugs to the stars.... Mary Engelbreit book, a lovely card, a beautiful peacock feather eye in glass ready to hang, the yummy Aplets and Cotlets with nuts (disappeared fast!!) and three kinds of tea with fruity things that smell so fresh and...fruity. And are pretty to look at, too:
And tucked in somewhere (I can't remember where, maybe in one of the purple tea tins), two tiny turtles:

Finished Objects! The number of unfinished is approaching pathological. And I keep starting new things...

At least I finished these - caps for the 103rd birthday of the mother of an old family friend, Myobi. They knitted up quickly using Encore and size 7 needled and a basic top down pattern. I varied the brims, a 2/2 rib on size 6 needles on the white, a 1/1 rib using size 5 needles for the lavender/green. Both caps have a picot bind-off.

I'm the epitome of fiber snob, but I enjoy working with Encore. Despite its 75% acrylic content, it has a pleasant hand. Most people want nothing to do with hand washing of clothes, so for gift-giving, especially to busy moms or adults caring for seniors, I think it's thoughtful to give washable gifties. And frankly, I have a tactile problem with SuperWash 100% wool - so far all that I've worked with feel icky to me. Except Baby Ull, I think.

Molly came back for the weekend and popped in yesterday:
That's The Holy Grail Camera around her neck.
The sun-glare obscures the interesting bag she made.
It's a silk-screen on a purchased tote. She's planning to make more using her own photographs. At IU she's in a crafty dorm - there's a ceramics room and a darkroom and a room '....with looms and stuff..." So, creating things is just in the air. I wish I could show you the coloring book she created for her former roommate's birthday present. She made the pictures from all her own photos.

I am working on a lot of things, including (hopefully) getting back to work at selling books on eBay. That's good! Now, if I can just shake this odd sort of 'under the weather' feeling I have...



At 9/18/06, 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi zann, glad that you too find comfort in being creative in the "foggy" times. I know it keeps me afloat.


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