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May 2, 2006

Gratitude continued

Here are the pictures I was unable to upload yesterday.

Carol in Ohio sent me yarn and a pouch with nature things - stone, shell, feather - and a mother goddess figure that made me cry when I saw it. This figure was one of the objects I brought to place in the center of the healing circle. Thank you, Carol!

I want to give thanks for the wild violets that have appeared all over my backyard in the last couple of weeks. As I'm struggling so to accept this great tragedy in my life, I'm still trying to be open to all the small and precious gifts of the universe.

And, as always, I'm so grateful for the gift of knitting.
This is my current, almost-completed project, a big rectangle of various softball-type cottons, a hand-dyed multi-color one from Lotusblossom on eBay, various colors of hand-dyed Manos Stria, and a periwinkle in the inexpensive Bernat Cottontots. It is expecting to be a sort of shrug/coccoon, with ribbed cuffs, from this SpinCraft pattern.

The cotton is very soft, and the colors are lively and cheerful - tactile and visual pleasure - and I think it will look great with jeans.

Finally, I am going to give thanks that I was not hit by a truck....I had the scariest, most narrow escape from just that today in downtown Terre Haute. I'm still not sure just what the driver was doing or thinking. I was crossing the street with the light and in the very middle of the crosswalk when I suddenly heard the motor gunning on a pickup truck that had been waiting to turn left. I thought he was just making his turn so he was going behind me, but the guy was just suddenly turning right at me! I was in the middle of a step and somehow managed to step backward, with a huge scream, watching in disbelief as that truck just roared inches away in front of me. It was so bizarre - I was in the very middle of the crosswalk and for him to go speeding across in front of me meant he also had to have almost hit the car waiting at the light on the street he was turning on.

I was absolutely freaked out. I walked a half block to my daughter-in-law's salon to sit down and shake and tell the story, and was quite a bit cheered to see my granddaughter Raven was there. She and I went off to the yarn shop and the bank and then to the Swope Art Museum (all of these right within the same block!), where they have four rooms devoted to their annual spring exhibit of young people's art. Raven has a little ceramic cat bowl on display. First we looked at that, then we went roaming around, spent some time admiring this Thomas Hart Benton I've always liked:

Raven gave me hugs and a bite of (I swear) a Japanese Moon Pie.
A rather interesting day....


At 5/3/06, 4:43 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

I am very glad you are finding little bits of joy amongst all the turmoil. :)

During one of the stressful times of my life I remember that when people asked me, "how are you doing?" my answer was all too commonly, "Breathe in, breathe out... repeat." Pretty well summed up what I was capable of processing in those days. Not a lot of extra energy to really focus on things more complicated than that.

I'm so glad you have Raven to spend time with! Little ones are such a joy.

At 5/3/06, 7:33 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

You hear "take time to smell the flowers" from time to time. It is good that you are taking time to enjoy them too. Smelling them might be a little hard as they are so close to the ground. The tiny goddess if wonderful! What a precious gift. She was surely with you during your encounter with the truck. Similar things have happened to me in Fredericton. You really do wonder what the driver is thinking.

At 5/4/06, 12:27 PM, Blogger frog philosopher said...

i wish i could knit. my mom did it so well and i could never figure it out.

i love the goddess statue. somewhere in the house i have self-hardening clay. in the meantime, i'm feeling inspired by clay beings i've seen on the www the past couple days. maybe i'll use my modeling clay.

At 5/4/06, 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) Grateful he didn't hit you.


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