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Mar 10, 2014


Brutal winter.
I spent much of it worrying whether or not the electricity would go off and lying on the sofa in a kind of stupor, wrapped in blankets, snuggled with Lily, my dog-being friend. Apart from the worry, it was  an enjoyable stupor.

 For three years now,  I have chosen to consider time from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox as retreat time, and refuse to make any commitments, and have the luxury of not having to go into the world much at all during this time. This is the first year when I have actually come close to a state of hibernation, and I think it may have done me a world of good. Apart from the worry.

Blanket Report

The blanket I wrote of in my last entry is in the home stretch. It would have been finished by now, but I am dealing with awful pain in my right shoulder, which I directly attribute to working it.

I have dealt with similar pain and loss of range of motion in each of my shoulders in the past, and somehow, after long periods of time and physical therapy each of them resolved. And yes, both seemed to be the result of stress from fiber art work.  Spinning in one case, knitting in the other.   I am hoping this will resolve as well. And trying to find my handouts for exercises from the PT.

I am still knitting, though for short periods and not with large needles and doubled yarn. 

Latest Knitting

Here is a new (to me, anyway) Noro!

Kibou - 54% Cotton, 34% Wool, 12% Silk - a generous 270 meters per 100gr ball

I made pouches for my husband (to carry saxophone parts) one in colorway 11, the other in colorway 9. This was a perfect project to get a feel for this yearn.

Worked sideways on #8 needles.  30 stitches in reverse stockinette (what the stockinette stitch gets called when you choose to make the purl side the public side). Sewed up bottom and side and topped with a round of single crochet (Hook size B), a round of double crochet, a round of slip stitch.  Draw cord is just a length of chain, threaded over and under 2 dc around.


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