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Oct 9, 2013

Good Enough

So, all day yesterday I was acting on and contemplating the concept of "good enough." 

One of my demons is perfectionism and what perfectionism does to me does not improve the quality of my work or my life.

 It paralyzes me.

It either keeps me from even starting something, or keeps me in a loop of decision-making trying to find the best, the perfect....yarn, space, time, tool, word, punctuation - you name it.

"Good enough" means I can relax. "Good enough" means I don't have to be perfect or the best. I can be "good enough."

I do want to do quality, meaningful work.

But if I never finish anything because I can't get it to be perfect...what is the point? I've decided I'd rather have a body of good enough work, rather than no body at all.

And, in the lovely, lovely synchronicity that is the voice of the Universe, this sticker arrived today in the mail, tucked in with a "perfect" tool I ordered.

(The picture is from my looks a bit blurry to me. I was so tempted to get out camera, take another picture, upload, etc. But, you know what....yup, it's good enough.)


At 10/9/13, 8:01 PM, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Very good post Zann, it has been my policy while knitting to never frog anything. I do pretty well for a while and then scrap a whole project and sometimes regret the decision. It feels like moving forward is the lesson here.


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