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May 28, 2013

Work in Progress

Well, I did not start my focus on Saori weaving as I'd hoped. Instead, I've wound up working with a new Noro yarn, Koromo, and my 1/2 sett 12" triloom, in my old technique of combining woven triangles with crochet, in a freeform construction style.  The triangles are Koromo, and the crochet and embellishements are a variety of yarns, including Noro Aya, Nora Shirakaba, and Interlacements, along with some silk sari ribbon.

I am trying to keep Saori principles in mind as I work, allowing the pieces to be self-expressive, to grow organically.  At this point, I'm not at all sure what the final piece will be, though I am beginning to see a garment, a vest or top perhaps, rather than a wrap, which is what I've done with this technique in the past.

The beginning. Piece No. 1.

 Piece No. 2 started.

Pieces No. 1 & 2, completed.

Starting Piece No. 3

 Detail from Piece No. 2

Detail from Piece No. 1


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