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Feb 16, 2013

What IS it??

I am so pleased to say that after some time of not-knitting (I know!), I am at it regularly again.  First it was the video-watching-sock-spree (still going, but at a slower pace) and now I'm involved in a mystery KAL (knit-along) through the Ravelry Interlacements group. I'm not sure where that link will take you if you're not a Ravelry member nor a member of that group within the site, but thought I'd post it anyway and send you exploring.

Martha,  at my lys RiverWools, has gotten in oodles of lovely Interlacements yarn - a hand-dyed yarn that comes in some interesting textures and fibers, and is priced very reasonably for the yardage.  I bought a couple of skeins of Irish Linen, a cotton, flax and rayon blend, and it sat here for a week looking pretty. But it was mum about what it wanted to be.

On Tuesday, I popped into the shop for Open Knitting, something I hadn't done in a great while, and when I asked Jennifer and Susan what they were working on, I got the answer, "I don't know" and they told me about the mystery KAL, where no one knows what they are knitting and the pattern instructions are revealed in chunks every two weeks or so.

I was especially taken by the fact that, at least in the beginning, the pattern stitch is done with two very different needle sizes - alternating a row done with #13 with a row done with #6.  Well, I could hear that yarn calling from home, saying, "Me! Me! I want to be....whatever that is!"

And so it begins. In the colorway "Turkish Carpet." Seventeen inches of this:


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