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Feb 1, 2013


the snow in me greets the snow in you

A lovely, bright extremely cold morning.
My hair is washed. I have eaten oatmeal and berries. I am drinking chocolate puerh tea. I am well along on a Second Sock.
The new candle is lit for Patrick again.

This morning I awoke thinking, as I have done for most mornings these last almost-seven years, that the world is just not right. Because Patrick died. Because he isn’t here with us anymore.
Then I thought something unthinkable. What if that isn’t true? What if things are exactly right? What if I start to explore that possibility? That the world as it is, is right.
It is awful to begin the day affirming the wrongness of the world.
What if I consciously begin the day affirming its rightness. Just as it is. Just as it happened.
I would have to accept that Patrick’s life was complete somehow.
How can I do this? It hurts at my core to even write this.

Yet, it seems important to go there.
To go to a place where I awake feeling the world is right.
Feeling that my son’s spirit is just where it is right for it to be.

What if I just try that for awhile?


At 2/1/13, 12:20 PM, Blogger Magicaldamselfly said...

I read once that each spirit enters this world for a reason, be that to teach others on their journey whatever it is they are here for. So what if those that have crossed over into the other realm was here for a short time to help teach another spirit in some form or fashion? Then is it not best to celebrate that spirits time on this plain and in doing so celebrate the fact that when you have completed your journey here your spirit will once again meet the other spirit in the next realm to celebrate together that you both completed the journey you came here to accomplish. Yes it hurts to the core, and yes you miss that spirit, but in this knowing that you will reunite in the spirit realm when the time is right, should this not be a reason to celebrate their completed journey and to open yourself up to the wholeness of the journey you have yet to finish. Perhaps a morning celebratory dance of his life here and of your journey here. In dance all things are beautiful,,,then sit with your tea and send him off a note in your heart,,,he will receive it!
Oh the possibilities.

At 2/1/13, 1:23 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

"..Open yourself up to the wholeness of the journey you have yet to finish..." I like that very much. Thank you for wise words!

At 2/2/13, 2:52 AM, Blogger Reticula said...

Oh, Goddess, Suzanne. I hope you know how much I love you. This is so insightful and brave. May the Goddess be with you, sister, as you find peace.


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