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Jan 1, 2013

New Year's Invitations

Today is a day, not of resolutions, but of invitations.
Today is the day I invite things into my life for the coming New Year.  This idea comes to me from the New Year's tradition of the family of beautiful SouLodge mama Pixie Campbell.

My invitations are extended through a conscious doing of those things today - doing them even in small, symbolic amounts, but doing them with intention, with a bit of ritual or ceremony.

For example,  if you want to walk for exercise this year,  take a walk around the block. A mindful walk, filling your thoughts with a sense of 'opening to' or  invitation.  You might think - or even say aloud - something like -" I invite walking into my life this year. I open myself to make room for that. And so it is."

My invitations so far today have been extended to: peaceful music, flossing, drinking water, Tai Chi, taking all my supplements,  thinking sweet sacred thoughts, reading.  Writing this blog post today is an invitation.

I plan to have a grand party this year,. Invitations are going out to lots of self-care elements, things that will nourish my mind, body and spirit, elements that will nourish my creative work.

I know, too, these are simply invitations. Not all may show up to my gala.  Some may show and leave early.  I intend to make merry with all who show, for as long they stay!

If you're reading this and it's not New Year's Day, big deal!  You can make any day a day of such invitations.

Blessed be!



At 1/1/13, 2:55 PM, Anonymous Christine said...

Beautiful idea Zann! Thank you. Think I will be thinking of invitations today.

At 1/2/13, 1:08 AM, Anonymous laura said...

Thank you Zann. I love this. I invite gentleness in this year and as the day went on and certain tasks were not being finished I kept reminding myself to be gentle and ease up on self-criticism.

At 1/4/13, 8:26 AM, Anonymous Jessica said...

I *LOVE* this concept. Thank you for sharing! Joining you with arms-open invitations in my own life... :)


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