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Nov 12, 2012


Worked on this as we moved into fall, meant to represent the grief of Demeter at losing Persephone, the glittering gifts we find in loss...soft black alpaca, carried with it a black thread strung with sequins. Glorious to finish this exactly on Samhain, filled with the energy, magic of the season. This video of it in the wind is the only way I could capture a bit of its shimmery enchantment.

Sensual by Elsebeth Lavold in color Soot - 98% Baby Alpaca, 2% Nylon
String Me Along by Southwest Trading Company - polyester thread with sequins

Needle size: 17

Pattern: Another adaptation of my old stand-by shawl - the As You Like It by Jane Campbell - which I've always called Isis. Go here for a little more on my journey with this pattern.
In this case, I did a solid garter stitch for the center back and then switched to random lace, just making sure I kept my 4 increases every other row in the same place.

Now I have never been a sequin kind of gal.  In fact, I rather loathed sequins. But making this wrap and loving the way little glittery rainbows nestled in the stitches, loving the way they capture movement and light, and how one can just wrap one's self in it...

Well, I don't loathe sequins anymore.  Now I have this lovely, happy scarf.

Sausalito by Crystal Palace in color 8101 Prism + SWTC String Me Along

Needle Size: 15 (I think!)

Pattern: None - just random lace - yarn overs + K2tog, occasionally I'd just K across row



At 11/12/12, 9:07 PM, Blogger Reticula said...

These are both so beautiful. Your yarn work is just precious.

I wish I could make that kind of lace. I have no idea what you meant when you wrote what pattern you used. Guess I need to do some research.

At 12/17/12, 8:22 AM, Blogger Susan said...

Hi! Thanks so much for posting on my blog the other day. Your comment truly adds to my search for a title. I looked at the vessel full of wrapped scraps of lace as a collection of memories. I thought about the boat as life's journey. It never really occurred to me that the contents could be viewed as dreams for the future instead of thoughts from the past. Your comment really does give me insight.

I was going to write almost immediately after reading your comment. Then I scrolled through your beautiful blog, read about your son, and decided to wait.

I'm glad I did. Thinking about your family and you has added to my holidays. I read some of your blog to my husband. (We have my laptop on the dining room table where we have breakfast together every day. I read messages and type out "Morning Pages", an artistic ritual picked up from Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" book.) We talked about your family again over lunch.

We are both very touched and now more thankful for our many blessings. We have two sons. The younger is estranged from us. It's a long story ... you know the type. The holidays are indeed difficult. Yet, your blog served as a reminder that hope is still alive. Thank you so much.

I will continue to think about you for quite some time to come. Here's to hope and dreams and survival and prayers.

At 12/17/12, 8:22 AM, Blogger Susan said...

PS Your work is awesome!

At 12/21/12, 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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