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Jan 17, 2014

Change, Words 2014, Age

This really is feeling like a time for some radical inner change for me.
Shifting. Transforming. Releasing a lot.
I’ve been thinking about Silence, about talking less. Listening more. Thinking more.
And Attention, Presence. More of that, too.

And Loving - Adoring - my perfectly imperfect life.

I finally chose my Word of the Year for 2014.
Okay,  it’s four words. Two pairs, one I’ll share, one I am keeping private.

Crescent moon necklace by Stacy De La Rosa
Brass (stamped with my Words) necklace by Liz Lamoreux

My public words:  Make + Move

exploring them:

make space make art make love
make progress  make waves make mistakes
make sense   make music
make ends meet  make a mark   make the best of it
make a full disclosure   make it work

move forward   move aside   move mountains  move heaven and earth
move it or lose it   move on   move through
move in   move over   move out of the way
make a move  put the moves on  get a move on 

and of course: make a move!

I’ve also been thinking about age - about being 62 and saying that. I’ve been wondering if I can drop the thought of my age in years. Because there is so much negative stuff attached to the numbers. Even the lower numbers have their own issues, but these upper ones seem to be almost physically harmful in the images and associations.

What if I can reframe, dump the baggage, rather than the number?

Or maybe it could be as simple as to stop claiming to be an age - as in “I am 62.”
Rather say, as the French: “J’ai 62 ans” - “I have 62 years.”

I have... the Wisdom of 62 years.
I have ... the joys & sorrows of 62 years.
62 whole years.
I own 62 years.

Yeah, I like that.  I OWN 62 years.
I’m good with trying it out for awhile.

What about you? Start answering the question, 'How old are you? with 'I OWN X# years.'
Then let me know how it feels for you.

September 2013,
Cake & Candles -  chosen for me  by my granddaughter, Sophia

Zann Carter, est. 1951.


At 1/17/14, 1:20 PM, Blogger jenclair said...

Inspiring post that makes me want to move. To get busy, to clean my studio so that I can create.

And I own 65 years!

At 1/17/14, 3:31 PM, Blogger Michele said...

you are beauty...
you are wisdom...
you are joy...
I feel all the colors of life in your words ~ I thank you!


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