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Jul 11, 2014

Fabric Foraging

I am taking Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth 101 workshop (and getting a great deal out of it), but I don't have a great variety of the sort of cloth pieces I would like to do this type of work with: worn, soft natural fiber.
First, I rummaged through my own clothes that I had set aside for the annual yard sale we have with the rest of the block. Then, I made a foraging run to Goodwill. This was the result:

Mostly cotton, a couple of linen-rayon blends.
This next is possibly my favorite, originally a skirt. I may dye a few pieces of it.
I also like these, a fine gauzy material in two layers, the vertical stripes were on the inside of the garment, the plaid on the outside.
This post is an experiment, too. I am trying to see how I can post using my iPad. It would not let me upload pictures through the browser, though I could do text. So I am writing this as a journal entry in my MacJournal app, which has a 'send to blog' feature.
Here goes!


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