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Jan 10, 2012

Hundertwasser World

I love Hundertwasser.
His paintings and architecture make me happy, sometimes fill me with a kind of wild joy.
I wish there were more buildings created based on his aesthetic.
But as a I watched this video, I wondered if I could live in Hundertwasser World.
(leaving the music out of the wondering, it's fine for 4 minutes, and rather suits the images, but not as life accompaniment!)

Imagine what that would be like, Hundertwasser World.
Who would we be if we lived in a world like this?
How would we behave?
How would we treat each other?
How would we treat Earth?

Would we behave as humans have always behaved if we lived in buildings that were "...a joyful mess of stacked color and shape..", buildings that "....laugh out loud"?*
Or would we change, surrounded by such saturated color and undulation of line?

If Hundertwasser was the everyday all-the-time, what would our art look like?
Our cookies and cakes? What games would we play? What music would we make?

 All I can say right now is that I feel a little bit happier imagining the answers to these questions.
Imagining brushing my teeth with a Hundertwasser toothbrush in a Hundertwasser bathroom....

*Pam Mandel, 70s Pothead Aesthestics, Meet Austrian Art

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At 3/12/12, 11:33 AM, Blogger Laura said...

You know, when you visit Barcelone in Catalonia, Spain, you will see the "Hundertwasser" of architects, Gaudi. I think the two of them would have made a magic world.


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