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Dec 31, 2011

Improvisational Knitting - A Scarf

Back to 'what if' experiments.

This scarf in Noro Iro on #10 (6.0mm) needles is the answer to these questions:
What if I combined short row wedges and basket weave pattern?
What if I throw in a bit of garter stitch now and then?
What if I randomly change the basket weave in various ways?

I love the texture and motion happening in this piece. I think it'll eventually take about 3 skeins of Iro.

And now I've got more questions to answer in a future improv project:

What if I vary the stitch increment I'm using for the wedges? Randomly? 

(For this scarf, I'm keeping to an increment of 3, so a garter stitch wedge is:
Row 1: K3, wrap and turn,
Row 2: K3
Row 3: K6, wrap and turn
Row 4 K6
Row 5 K9, wrap and turn
Row 6 K9

What if I get more random with the number of stitches in each basket weave segment?

(For this scarf, with 36st cast on, I've been working with 6-stitch segments, as in K6, P6, K6, P6....occasionally I am starting a wedge with K or P 3, then doing 6-stitch segments and ending with K or P 3.)

Hope this makes some sense.
What I'd also like you to know is how much fun this knit is - though I'm not at all muscial, I want to describe it in musical terms - it's like.... riffing on a basic melody. (I feel like I've said that before here...)

Many blessings for 2012!



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