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Jan 1, 2012

Rise and Root-A Gift from Rima Staines

This drawing and the rune symbol below are gifts for the New Year from the UK artist Rima Staines.

She offers them in revolutionary spirit saying,
"... I give you this image to do with what you wish: download it, reblog it, print it, photocopy it, make it into stickers and take them with you in your bag to stick on the backs of public toilet doors, on supermarket conveyor belts or over underground advertising screens; make it into a poster, a projection, print it on bags and T-shirts, paint it large on the sides of petrol stations, pavements, parliaments. 
Or take the rune as a symbol we’ll all recognise when it’s chalked on our doorsteps, and tattooed on our foreheads...."

Read her whole blog post here.

Rise & Root!



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