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Apr 19, 2011

Fabric for Saori Hats

Just ran across these pictures in a folder, thought I'd share.
A while back I made a hat with a fairly short length of cloth woven on my Saori loom and I decided that it would be a nice project to make a length of cloth to cut for half a dozen hats.

So here's what I wound up with, 12 feet of fabric, composed of 6 very different 2-foot sections:

At the time, this was my favorite section:

...and it still is.

Here is one section that I  gathered in preparation to make another hat:

I've since taken the gathering out and I'm no longer sure exactly where I'm going with these fabrics.

It will not wind up as 6 hats, as I used one section for the wall hanging (Breach) in my last post.
And I used another section in a series of woven and stitched soft vessels I'm working on. Those aren't really ready for blogging about yet, but I'm very excited about doing them.



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