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Mar 29, 2011

Remember Aestlight?

I almost didn't. In fact, I completely forgot about Aestlight. Until I got a brilliant idea that I would just let go of old UFOs (Unfinished Objects), give them to someone who would have no compunction about frogging them and use the yarn for her own projects.  But when I came to Aestlight, I was shocked to see how very close it was to being finished and put it right back into the WIP (Work-In-Progress) category.

If you care to follow its slooooooow journey to completion (I began it 11/28/09), there's a post here from last summer that will help.

Information on pattern and yarn is in the sequence of posts available throught the link above. I will just add some thoughts I had on the whole of the project.  I had some difficulty with keeping up with the exact stitch count, especially during the border phase. I have no idea why, I just remember it being somewhat tedious and aggravating to be so out of whack again and again. I did wind up with 4 less stitches than I needed on the first side of the edge, but I was able to compensate by working into the same stitch for 4 rows spaced out over several repeats.

One of the reasons I think I abandoned it last summer was because I really didn't like the change of color for the edging - no matter how often I told myself it was the only sane, fiscally rational solution to not having quite enough yarn in the first colorway.  I just couldn't justify buying one more skein of Starry, in an attempt to match the first when I already had the color I chose to substitute.

However, once it was finished and I could stand back and look at it draped over Zelda...I LOVED it! And I've decided that if I keep it, it will be my Dark Moon shawl, that it well carries the energy of the dark moon/new moon time.

Okay, well, I must confess it hasn't been completely finished as I haven't blocked it yet. That's a whole new category I've thought of - it's an FBFB now (Finished-But-For-Blocking.) I'd say I have at least 4 projects in that particular queue....


At 3/29/11, 4:35 PM, Blogger walking the yarn said...

Hahaha! I love the new category (FBFB). I have a lot of those ;(


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