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Dec 6, 2009

Another UFO Transformation - Neck Warmer

This bit of knitting started out to be an experiment with two different Silk Garden colorways - one was that unusual off-white/beige colorway.  I was using a fairly small needle for SG and it looks like I was alternating colors every 2 rows.  I think I thought it would be a scarf, but it became fairly tedious fairly quickly because I didn't really care for the color combination.  I bound it off and consigned it to my Bits 'n' Pieces pile.

In my current urge to turn UFOs into something useful if they don't want to be what they started out to be, I paired this with another object that didn't quite work as I'd hoped - a little hammered copper pin I made for my "As Elfen As Ya Wanna Be" hats, which have a little flap that needs to be pinned up to the crown. (I suppose I should post about those hats - the reason I haven't is because it's an original pattern that seemed interesting enough that maybe I'd try to submit it somewhere, and, like poetry, such things aren't supposed to appear on one's blog first.)

Et voila, an interesting little neck warmer that can be scrunched and pinned in any number of ways.

and I discover:
1. I like the colorway, perhaps because it's just a small bit of it, and I love the narrow stripes going this way and that when wrapped around the neck.
2. I have been irrationally prejudiced against the Neck Warmer/Scarflette idea. I have been wearing this one for awhile since I modeled it, and I think it actually makes me feel warmer.

Good to know!

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At 12/6/09, 2:23 PM, Blogger Cyn said...

It's beautiful and I've fallen in love with the pin!

At 12/6/09, 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous on you. I love it when you find that fabric looks better on than off. You are so right about the different directions of the stripes - though I liked the colours flat anyway. I thnk the pin looks gorgeous too and the hats sound so magical.

At 12/14/09, 9:54 PM, Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

Love the little dangly bit!
Do you hammer the copper yourself?
I have been cowling awhile now, mostly for gifts this month.
I have yet to make one I want to wear, maybe because my neck is extraordinarily short?


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