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Apr 15, 2006

Secret Pal Abundance

These packages arrived what seems like eons ago. They were from my Secret Pal Seven pal, and meant to be the final reveal packages for this round of Secret Pal.

It took me awhile before I felt like I could open them and receive the wonderful gifts inside. I know that I finally opened them this past week, but I can't remember which day....

Before I show you what an amazing array of thoughtfully chosen gifts my Pal sent, I'd like to introduce you to my Pal. She goes by the name of Peacock and she is an amazingly talented, creative, sweet, clever woman. You can see for yourself by checking out her blog, Another Hobby Blog. At least pop over for a minute to take a look at the beautiful Pysanky eggs she's made for Easter. And the gorgeous socks she's working on....
Besides all that craftiness, Peacock has a big, compassionate heart - and she has been pouring out support and love and comforting words to me these last awful four weeks. I am so filled with gratitude and feel very blessed to have been matched with her.

Now, here is the gorgeous, purple-green shimmering lot of wrapped surprises that greeted my eyes when I opened the boxes:

and I carefully unpacked them and set them in front of me and proceeded to open every one of them!
I cannot possibly do descriptive justice....there is beautiful fiber in a glorious procession of color, fabulous dark chocolate bars, blue and purple and green jelly beans (I am munching on them right now), bags with all kinds of little useful items inside for knitting, a teeny-weeny powerful flashlight, Silk Garden #8, little capsules that become animals in water, a turtle button, a peacock tschotske, a Mary Engelbreit notebook, the most magical whisk broom, a pin made with a peacock feather from one of her very own late peacocks (so special!!)....and all wrapped in either an iridescent vinyl or purple and green tulle also with special significance, from Peacock's wedding...some close-ups:
the peacock feather beaded pin, tiny cranes folded from beautifully patterned origami paper, a little sewn blank book with peacock-and-leaves pattern cloth cover....
...the beatifully made whisk broom, red handle, purple bristles, leather hanging thong....
various items previously mentioned...but also the corner of The Most Amazing Letter that is one of my favorite items from this abundance of generosity. In the Letter, Peacock tells me dozens of little things about herself, things like she was once bitten on the finger by a camel...I just loved the Letter!

and finally, a closeup of the beautiful fiber, which was carefully carded and arranged in a sequence of color that I hope I can do justice to when I spin it:
Thank you very much, dear Secret Pal Peacock - for all this and for the gift of your friendship!!

If anyone is interested in participating in the next Secret Pal, which is Number Eight, you can find out the rules, etc at SecretPal8. I can't promise that you'll get an SP match as amazing as mine has been, but if you go into it wanting to BE a great Secret Pal to someone, you should enjoy it.

The talented lady for whom I was Secret Pal has also been fun to get to know. Her name is Jewel and you can find her blog at Jewel's Purls. I still owe her a package and I know she understands why I haven't been able to get around to sending it yet. But I will.

The funny thing is that Jewel was Peacock's Secret Pal!!!
Isn't that a hoot?


At 4/16/06, 11:14 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

I have *really* enjoyed spoiling you! You have accepted everything I've sent with such a gracious openness and joy! :)

Truly it's been beyond delightful.


At 4/17/06, 9:39 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

You have been truly lucky with your secret pal. Peacock sounds like such a wise, kind person. She always seemed to know what to say. I want to be like her when I grow up. Secret Pal looks like a wonderful idea.


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