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Jan 2, 2010

Dear 2010

Dear 2010 - I am liking you immensely so far. Starting you off in the presence of my granddaughter Sophia, hugs & laughter & chants silly and serious, with drums and whistles under the auspicious rays of a Blue Moon, was, well, auspicious!

And this morning started with a good weigh-in (my lowest weight since I started working on weight in May 2009), and progressed through numerous cups of delicious teas, an update of my decluttering blog (where you can read more detailed accounts of my Fitness Project), and the very pleasant sensation of feeling that I am making some good decisions and choices about how I want to spend my time.  Looking forward to living fully in you, 2010!
Love, 'Zann

I made but one resolution this year:
" steadfastly hold a vision of my most splendid, wise self yet--breathing freely, striding boldly, dancing joyously, creating wildly!!"

And my word for the year is "Focus."
(Loving words as I do, I may also want to choose one word for the season, month, week or day!!)

I am very excited to be using my new Hundertwasser page-a-day calendar:

and I wish I could remember where I put the two other calendars I bought this year.  I always buy my calendars early and then think I put them in an appropriate place that I'll remember.  And I never can remember.  At least I put the main kitchen calendar behind the 2009 calendar. Why didn't I do that with the moon calendar

or my Sulamith Wulfing Angel Spirits calendar????

Focus.  WHERE did I put them??

Wishing everyone just the finest year to come!


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