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Dec 24, 2013

Fresh Scarf

[Well, it was fresh a few weeks ago when I wrote this. Had a callback on a mammogram and could not get an appointment for 8 days after. I spent the whole of Thanksgiving weekend + 4 more days in a dreadful, apprehensive mode of waiting.  This scarf was made over that weekend. The picture is me, not-knowing, hoping-for-the-best, fearing-the-worst and trying to be brave. Ultimately, it was best and all is well. I wore the scarf to go to the callback exam.]


Fresh scarf.
Started Saturday, finished today.
Called “Bundle of Nerves.”

Three kinds of cotton-rich wildly colored Noro yarn, held double and knit first in long short-rows of garter stitch, some with a multi-colored strand of banana silk woven through the stitches, then in shorter rows like jangly nerves turning again and again, changing yarns every other row or so, not knowing what stitch song to sing: first  seed, then short-row wedges, then just garter, garter, garter in one unchanging moment at the end. For a long while, it wanted to stop all the craziness, to unravel itself and cease to keep trying to exist. It thought it was ugly and unpleasant. Then it wanted to button itself up, sport mismatched buttons from the vintage stash, wanted to fold in on itself, wanted to comfort itself, and then looked at itself and saw its raw, unplanned, freeform beauty but damn….there’s all these loose dangly ends sizzling, sparking in the waiting space...

Noro Komoro (2 colorways), Taiyo Sock Yarn, multi-colored banana silk
#11 needles - CO 78 stitches for long section, all yarn held double


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