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Jul 23, 2007

Blue Moon Bowl & Cat Pin

I'm very excited about my work of late and have tried to refocus on the visions I have of artwork in fiber. It's very difficult for me to concentrate on any one technique, because I love so many ways of working with fiber. For many years, it suited me to be a 'glorious generalist' --a wonderful phrase from Grace Llewellyn's book for homeschooling teens, The Teenage Liberation Handbook.

However, I have reached a point where I feel it's time for me to pull techniques together, to seek the GUT (grand unified theory ) of my personal artistic universe. Or, at least to be more balanced between process and product. I want, too, to focus on the processes that give me the most satisfaction and pleasure in the working: freeform crochet and knitting, small loom weaving, spinning and felting, both wet-felting and needlefelting.

I have been very busy lately, taking time to experiment with ideas that have been begging for some attention, making little bits and pieces which will come together in a series of works on a particular theme (which will be revealed at a later date) and actually completing some projects.

Here are two:

Blue Moon Bowl (2007) 5.5" X 6.75"
Wool, hand-dyed, wet-felted, needle-felted

Blue Moon Bowl (inside view)

Blue Moon Bowl (top view of lid)

I Am Allergic To Cats, But I Honor Them Anyway (2007) 2" X 2.5"
Recycled sari silk, hand-dyed wool, plastic button, metal pinback, crocheted, needlefelted, sewn

The weather has been lovely here, and I am, right at this moment, enjoying a bit of peace after some very stressful weeks. It's primarily my mother and her dementia - if I get too close and involved, I feel like I am right down the rabbit hole with her and my whole body begins to react and I become vulnerable to deep sadness and grief feelings for Patrick.

So, the situation with my mother also seems to be all about balance, but about balance walking a tightrope! In any case, I'm trying to remain in the Now and today I awoke and thought, "Today I will be thankful and seek joy in simple things."


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At 8/1/07, 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like your new work!

At 8/3/07, 9:34 PM, Blogger Tangled Stitch said...

Your work is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Sorry to read about your mom, having problems with our parents is sometimes the hardest ordeal to go through(except I suppose for our children, luckily I haven't had any major ones yet). I hope you find solace in your work(I suppose you do). Once again your work is beautiful!


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