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May 24, 2007

Long Overdue Thank You

Quite awhile back, my friend Peggy sent me this lovely package, which contained a bunch of goodies to unwrap.
Here you have brilliant green Manos yarn, a plump Matreshka doll, a bag holder made of cool measuring tape fabric, tiny Matreshka stamps from The Small Object (ingeniously packaged in bright red crepe paper folded in a cello bag closed with a tag and little mushroom ornament)
a poster and two small prints of everyday objects arranged as color studies,
accompanied by a sweet vintage birthday card, which, since it wasn't my birthday was labeled as 'NOT your birthday card'...
all in all, a wonderful Un-birthday present which brought me cheer!
I'm sorry that I no longer have the tags for all the gifties because they were from other crafters with small businesses. I love it that Peggy supports them, both by sharing links when she sees cool stuff and by purchasing from them.
Thank you, Peggy!!!!

April Scrumble
My scrumble for the April Women's Artistic Soul group exchange. SWTC Oasis soy silk in two colors and a green wool from Dream In Color yarns. The latter are handpainted superwash merino yarns that are soft and have a wonderful color variegation. I made this scrumble bigger because it was so much fun to crochet with this yarn, the bullions just seemed to form themselves!

More thank-yous to come!


At 5/25/07, 11:57 AM, Anonymous Peggy said...

:) thanx Zann. Here are the wonderful Esty sellers:

Sonya the Russian Babushka Doll:
Creative Babies at Etsy

Maditi Photography at Etsy


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