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Oct 6, 2006

Isis Shawl No. 6 - Kujaku

Isis Shawl No. 6 - Kujaku

Pattern: As You Like It Shoulder Wrap (designed by Jane Campbell)

Yarn: (4, maybe 5 balls) Noro Kujaku #22, (2 balls)Rowan Kidsilk Haze Color Blush

Needles: Denise Circular #11

Comments: As anyone reading this blog knows, this is the pattern I chose for something to work on right after Patrick’s death. I’ve made six now, all in different yarns. I call it the Isis Shawl. When it is spread out, it reminds me of the wings of Isis as she is depicted in various drawings, statues.

This one took me forever, for some reason. It was knit with one strand of Kujaku and one strand of Kidsilk Haze. Kujaku, like a lot of the Noro yarns, is just not very soft, but this shawl feels pretty nice. I think because of the Kidsilk, but also because it’s knit on the larger needles. Pictures do not reflect colors as accurately as I’d like. The shawl is a bit more orange-y.

The little bits of Kujaku that are wrapped with a polyester thread pop out from the fabric here and there. All in all, quite festive and eye-catchingly cheery.


At 10/6/06, 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very beautiful shawl, I have missed reading you blog, glad to hear from you again.

At 10/7/06, 2:48 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the Isis Shawl you sent me? I loved it right away when it arrived in my mailbox.. I wouldn't have thought I could grow to love it any more deeply, but I have. :) It goes with me almost everywhere these days.. it's so soft and so warm and so perfect.. a hug I can carry with me. I light layer of warmth when I'm under the air conditioner at a restaurant, or caught unexpected in an evening breeze...

Thank you so very much for making me the recipient of one of your treasured shawls.. one of your Memories of Patrick shawls... I think about him and about you and your family everytime I see it, everytime I wear it. ..

Thank you. :)


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