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Oct 30, 2005

The Crisis

For those of you have been concerned about The Crisis, I thought I'd take a moment to write a note. My elderly mom has been having some difficulties and I've had to spend a great deal of time at the continuing care retirement community where she lives, including staying in her apartment overnight for nearly two weeks. The purpose of such a community is to provide varying levels of care when an elderly person is need of more assistance. Up until now, Mom has been doing well in the independent living apartment she moved into two years ago. We aren't exactly sure just what is going on for Mom and my concern for her privacy prevents me from going into details, but the process of making a transition to a different level of care is difficult on many levels. And far more difficult than we ever expected it to be!

I have done a lot of knitting on those nights I've spent over there, but I'm so exhausted when I do get home, I've not got a lot of creative energy. Yet somehow I have completed quite a few things to photograph and post here - something I am hoping to do within a few more days.

I do hate to make a post without a picture or two and here I've just found something I finished just before The Crisis began - a hat with a crown of Cascade 220 and a brim of Noro Kujaku#22 and some spirals and felted beads in the Kujaku. Well, maybe the hat isn't finished, as I think I want to attach spirals and beads to it!

And here I am, trying on the hat.....

Hope to post another entry here soon.


At 11/9/05, 8:47 AM, Blogger Dudleyspinner said...

I hope your mom is doing better and adjusting to the changes. Great stuff here, you just keep creating!


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