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Sep 27, 2005

Bloom Shawl

Now that the Artsfest is over, I am turning my attention to A Little Something for Me and my outrageous number of UFOs. This is my Something for Me - the Bloom shawl from Knitty, done in the most wonderful color of Noro Blossom (#5). I am absolutely in love with the colors, and will probably always think of it as my Magical Shawl. It is a circular shawl done in short row wedges, a type of pattern I enjoy (I have made two of the Lorna's Laces pattern from the ball band on LL Helen's Laces merino/silk.)

I have been a little concerned about how small it seems, so it might be magical in more ways than one, if I can actually block it to the size noted in the pattern. According to the designer, she blocked it stretched " far as it safely could be stretched..." so it's got an open, lacy look.

In any event, I've decided it would make a very interestingly shaped scarf if it doesn't wind up big enough for me to think of as a shawl. It is a fast knit-up on #15 needles and I believe I shall make more than one!

I've been on-the-go for two days and carrying this shawl-in-progress everywhere. The beautiful colors elicit spontaneous comments from all who see it, and I've had numerous opportunities to have knitting conversations because of it.

Last night, when I was finally on my way home from a long day's worth of errands and appointments, I was railroaded. Here in Terre Haute I suspect that, "I was railroaded" is probably the No.1 Tardiness Excuse, true or not!

Usually I pick up a book or magazine and read as the train passes, but last night I picked up the knitting. It was the best time I have ever had while being railroaded! My favorite part of my favorite symphony (Beethoven's 7th) was on the radio, cool air was blowing from the a/c, and I was knitting this lovely shawl. I was very much "in the now" and I felt a sense of great contentment and well-being. I didn't want the moment to end, but when it did I thought "Ah, how splendid to have that contented, happy energy poured out over this shawl."

I've made a lot of shawls in the last few years, most of them just simple garter stitch triangles with a yo increase after the first 3 stitches of each row. I love to wear them and once in a while I give one away to someone special. All those shawls carry memories for me, memories of things I was thinking or experiencing, or music I was hearing when I was knitting. Then more memories are added when the shawl is worn. Sometimes the memories are of sad, difficult times but there is something about the way the shawl holds the memory that softens it, that wraps it into the grander context of my whole biography. It's interesting to me that it is mostly shawl knitting that seem to hold and evoke memories....I'm not sure why.


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