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Aug 28, 2005

Very Busy Week

Whew - last week I hardly had time to think in complete sentences, much less finish or even work on any projects to share here- so no pictures with this note. Besides acupuncture appointments for my mom and me, there was the finalization of a used car purchase, several days of Baby Sophia care, and the excitement of 17 year-old daughter Molly's First Day of School Ever. A lifelong homeschooler, Molly graduated herself from un-highschool a year early, took the SAT and ACT, and got herself admitted to a local university. It's quite strange to be asking her questions about textbooks and teachers and homework!

My concern this week, too, has been Books. Yes, capital-B Books. The bookshop I co-founded just over nine years ago will be closing forever at the end of the month. So my bookselling business will be in transition as I will now be selling online only. We are having Big Sales and it's overwhelming dealing with the numbers of books I have, trying to figure out what I should be letting go in those sales, what books I might want to acquire from my colleagues....

and really, I should NOT acquire one more book.

The other day, I looked around at my yarn stash, my spinning fiiber stash, and my books and I thought that anyone coming in and seeing this embarrassment of riches would think, "This poor woman believes she is going to live forever."

Meanwhile, I got some wonderful new knitting books....


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