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Jan 22, 2012

Occupy Terre Haute - Tiny Tent Event

It was a pleasure to host a Tiny Tent making event for Occupy Terre Haute at First UU Congregation.

This is probably my favorite picture from the day, with the industrious hands of people who are speaking truth to power.

Everyone left with a bunch of tents, hopefully to start placing them in nooks and crannies where they will surprise and cause folks to pause for a moment to think about the issues of economic justice, corporate domination and democracy.

We had a template for tents, but the night before, I saw some tiny tents online that were simply rectangles of colored card folded in half.  So I brought some index cards along with the templates. Someone went one better and folded and taped a floor, which makes the tent tinier and sturdier.   This is now my favorite way of making Tiny Tents.

I have a box of the tents in my car, but I haven't been anywhere yet to place them.  When I do, I'll document and send in pictures to the Tiny Tent Task Force.

Terre Haute's a small city and OTH is a small group with no encampment, but they have been dedicated in creating a standing occupation several times a week. Rain, shine, snow, freezing temps - they are on the street representing the 99%.
I admire the dedication greatly. That is more than I can do right now, but I  give my support in ways that I can, like this event.
Peace & justice!




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