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Oct 18, 2011

Another Different Lines

I said I'd miss it - my fingers were itching to start another Different Lines shawl.
So I did.

This one in Dream in Color also, but I've gone to their worsted weight, Classy. And gone up just one needle size, to #10.

Colors are Spring Tickle and Gray Tabby. The latter is almost a solid gray, but there are subtle tonal variations.

It's a perfect autumn day  to be knitting a shawl - rainy, chilly, hinting at the promise of the winter's turning inward.
I love the view from my Big Chair, tea, pocket Tarot, wheel and dozy Lily.

The tea in that cup is gift tea from my son Ian and dil Lisa.
It is JinJaa Citrus Twist Green Tea from Teavana.   Orange, lemon, ginger...mmmm.

Lisa and I spent a lovely hour  at Teavana when I visited Boston last spring.
It's wonderful that their tea is available online, but you miss the experience of having an eager Teavana worker open a giant tin and use the lid to waft the scent of it your way. An olfactory tasting.

This tea was made for wafting.  And drinking with just a bit of honey on a perfect autumn day.

Oct. 17 New Yorker
Learning to Breathe by Priscilla Warner

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