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Sep 16, 2011

Matchy Matchy

I bet this happens to a lot of knitters, you look down at your lap and suddenly realize you are amazingly color-coordinated, that you look as though you picked out your work-in-progress just to match the clothes you picked to wear that day. It makes sense that this would happen more often than not, since I assume most knitters like both to knit and  to wear their favorite colors.  And that most knitters have a lot of WIPs to choose from. Still, sometimes the match is so spot on that you just have to take a picture of your lap.

I'm working on Different Lines, a scarf/wrap pattern by Veera Valimaki, on Ravelry here.

I'm using Dream in Color Smooshy in Flamingo Pie (I LOVE this colorway) and Punky Fuschia.

I originally started this on the recommended needle size, 6, in two other colors of Smooshy, a green and brown and I kept telling myself it was all forest-y and earthy, but it what it was, was depressing. I have no idea why I kept on at it for as long as I did. But suddenly, in addition to having issues with the colors, I realized it seemed awfully small at the point I was, and didn't have the drape of a nice wrap.

Of course I didn't check gauge at the start.  When I did check gauge and realized how off I was, only then did I feel I had "permission" to frog... and frog I did.  I went back to the stash and picked out colors that cheered me right up and went up 3 needle sizes to a 9, and started all over again.

It's a perfect take-along knit, lots and lots of garter stitch, and it's very soft and nice and I can't wait to finish it!



At 9/18/11, 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! If I had the patience I would definitely make one for myself...or a few haha. I can usually only stand to make hats and doll sweaters.:)

At 9/19/11, 9:11 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Amanda, I didn't say how long I've been working on this! It's been my carry-around project for weeks and weeks. With all that garter stitch (though there's a bit of short-row magic in it to keep you awake) it's perfect for that sort of project. I've made a zillion short-attention span things as this one has slowly grown.


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