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Feb 12, 2010

Skew - Knitty Surprise By....

....Lana Holden, my friend & colleague at RiverWools.

I'm most impressed by this pattern - it's unique and interesting, and I love the way Lana writes about it in her introduction:

"...This heel requires neither short rows nor picking up stitches, but it does require a little bit of faith until the origami moment when a short grafted seam transforms an unfamiliarly-shaped object into a finished heel...."

Ahhh...'origami moment'.... a requirement of faith that the heel will surely appear... that is knitting poetry!  

As I wrote in a comment on her blog, I keep thinking the pattern should be called something like The Sock You'll Never Want to Hide in a Shoe.

But no, Skew is a great pattern name.

You can find it  here on Knitty.

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At 2/13/10, 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are really cool socks...they make me want to abandon my current socks and start a new pair!

At 2/13/10, 1:25 PM, Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

I have queued them up, I LOVE the skewiness of them!


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