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Feb 13, 2010

Dark Moon / New Moon My Simple Ritual

My word for the year is Focus.
One of the things I'm focusing on is keeping things simple. Sometimes it's as simple as my just wearing the Dark Moon Goddess pendant I made during this moon phase. Keeping myself present and observant of the energy of this time - energy that speaks of doors closing and others opening, great circles, endings becoming beginnings...

Today, though, I'm going to breathe mindfully for a bit. Ground and center.
Light one of my new beeswax candles.
Then I'm going to let something go for the Dark Moon. It may not be something big.
But it will be something that does not serve me well, something I want to be done with. Gone.

Then for the New Moon (which my iTouch MoonPhase app says officially occurs at 9:52 p.m. EST) I'm going to bring something new into my life. Or bring new focus to something that's already in my life but doesn't get enough attention.  It may not be something big.
But it will be something that serves me well, something I want more of.

That's it.
Blessed be.

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At 2/13/10, 9:52 PM, Blogger melisseio said...

Beautifully written, I was lead to this post at just the right time. Thank you. Blessings!

At 3/19/10, 1:32 PM, Anonymous marinela said...

You have such a lovely blog here :)


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