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Apr 26, 2009

(NaPoWriMo) No. 26 i have moved away

i have moved away

from her
for a moment,

wanting to see
the forest of her

i see how green she is,
how much her life reaches
devouring light,

how the shadows of flying
birds, great and small,
shift across her face.

i see the birds come to rest
in her,

laying eggs,
dropping feathers,
dropping shit, singing

to the sun.

i see clearings
filled with stones, layered
with things fallen
and decayed.

i see the designs water has carved
in the earth of her

and how water carries
pieces of her

and i see where great storms
pounded, rearranged

and i see

rainbows bending

--Zann Carter (04.26.09)

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At 4/26/09, 10:18 AM, Blogger Reticula said...

You can't quit when April turns to May. I depend on these poems as my daily meditations on life.

At 4/26/09, 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem. I was really entranced by the romantic tone. Then you broke it so skillfully with the use of the word sh@t that I laughed. Then you drew me back in to the beauty of it.


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