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Apr 25, 2009

(NaPoWriMo) No. 25 log: earth day 2009

log: earth day 2009

soon we will leave
for the Indian restaurant
where we are meeting friends.

early this morning,
i dreamed something complicated
about a garbage can problem
in an unfamiliar kitchen.

the solution was utterly simple

and involved a bold decision
to change everything
about the garbage can

today is brilliantly spring.

it feels like a great gift
with no irony or strings

i am wearing sandals.

tiny green leaf buds sing
silly little notes

that rise like bubbles

into the enormous sky.

i can see them.

today i’ve thought about:
the death of a dear elder friend last night
ashes gratitude
forgiveness & how to hug
someone you don’t want to hug you back.

today i’ve read
some Wallace Stevens

Borges & misc.


this afternoon
Steph’s tiny puppy curled
into my neck and slept
on me.

before that
a hawk sailed over my head
robins greeted me

my dog said I love you
a thousand ways

and now my husband’s
filling the house
with music

before we go.

--Zann Carter 04.25.09

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