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Apr 22, 2009

Scribble Lace Shawl No. 2

The search terms that lead people here that I seem to see most often are "lizards, leaves" and "scribble lace." So here's a post for the latter searchers, to go with my one previous post on the subject.

Essentially, scribble lace (a technique unvented by Debbie New), gets its effect from combining a very fine yarn (even a thread!) with a much bulkier yarn. If done to the best effect, the bulky yarn becomes a scribbly doodle-like line on the background of the fine yarn.

This is the second shawl I've made using this technique, the pattern for which was once posted for free on Magknits, but is no longer available since that site was deleted. It was called Squiggle Shawl and the designer is Shelley Mackie. I never actually downloaded the pattern and when I wanted to make this shawl was incredibly disappointed that it was gone. I searched and found it listed on Ravelry, but it has only the defunct Magknits link for the full directions. It does have a great description and picture included.

I had scribbled (haha) some notes on it when I first encountered the pattern, and was able to find them and, along with the picture's help, piece together a plan for a reasonably similar, if not identical version.

The ingredients: 3 yarns - a baby loopy from my stash, Claudia Handpaint Kid Mohair and Colinette Point 5. (The above is what is leftover from each skein after knitting my shawl!)
I used Denise needles. I actually knit the entire shawl with two different needle sizes, on one end #13, #15 on the other. This was not an accident. You are supposed to cast on and off with a larger needle, so that your edges aren't too tight and will stretch out with the lace. I chose to change only one needle to the smaller size after casting on.

I also wanted to use a seriously thick and thin yarn for my bulky yarn choice. Too much of the scribbble lace I see online has a linear sameness, looks just like rows of bulky, fat stitches, alternating with rows of lace, and does not have the scribble effect. I hoped that the differing needle sizes and yarn choice would keep my piece squiggly, scribbly, scrawly.

Basically, it's all garter stitch. I wanted 7 rows of the squiggle. I began and ended with two rows of the baby loopy mohair. You can probably figure out a version for yourself from my pictures. I don't feel comfortable posting more detailed instructions, since this really is pretty close to Shelley Mackie's original.

I'm not quite finished with this, as I haven't completed the fringe - one nice thing about this pattern is that you just leave long ends when changing yarns. I still have to knot these and want to add a bit more.

I'm pretty pleased with how this one came out, though it's still very linear. I just love the idea of this thick/thin yarn meandering more. The next time I try scribble lace, I want to do it in a swirl or circular form. I came across a gorgeous example of this, but cannot find it again. When I do, I will post the link here.

Meanwhile, enjoy Ingrid - in-Sweden's scribble lace moebius (she's generously written up the pattern in English )and check out her scribble lace pictures.

And take a look at Jersey Knitter's scribble lace shrug.
I like it a lot.

happy scribbling,


At 4/22/09, 3:44 PM, Blogger Ina said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I wore the scribble shrug to MDS&W -- it's light as a feather and surprisingly warm. It has one notable hazard, though -- it causes otherwise sane and civilized knitters to creep up on the wearer to pet it. :o

Have fun scribbling!

At 4/22/09, 4:14 PM, Blogger Reticula said...

That is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen, except when I saw it before. Too bad the pattern disappeared. That's the tenuous nature of our connection here.

At 5/11/09, 2:18 AM, Anonymous Jinx said...

I can really understand why you like thisone better than your firstone - just beautiful!



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