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May 9, 2010

an unsecret project

It seems like it's been forever that I've been working hard on Top-Secret-Shhhh-Can't-Reveal-Anything projects. And then worked all April on poetry that I felt obliged to remove if I want to publish final poems anywhere other than in self-published venues.  So I've gotten sort of used to not having much to post here.

I've been working on a piece for about a week now and today I suddenly realized....I can blog about this! is my current work-in-progress. 

I started with this round-up of yarn...

....and wove lots of continuous weave squares (from the Noro Chirimen in the bottom left corner ) on this one-square weavingboard (tm) from Roger at Homestead Hideaway and scrumbled a bit with the rest of the yarns...

...and stitched and crocheted squares and scrumbles together until there was enough for Zelda to start wearing it

Hasn't yet got a name, but "dusk" is likely to be in it somewhere.

This direction my work is taking, this integration of crochet, weaving, freeform is immensely pleasing to me.  And I'm so happy to be able to share that here!!

A little note on the looms from Homestead Hideaway. Last year, I discovered HH on etsy, when I was looking for small triangle looms for teaching my workshop.  I ordered six from Roger and was very pleased with every aspect of the transaction - he was fast to respond to my request, his price was very reasonable, the looms were nicely made and he packed them efficiently and safely with all the instructions I needed to put them together properly.

After I let my students purchase looms from me, I ordered another half dozen to replace them this year. Then I noticed he had some new and interesting looms he's calling Weavingboards (tm).  It's rather a complex system of nails and boards that you can change and extend to create triangles, squares and rectangles. In several sizes!

To shorten the story,  I've now got a two square weavingboard set (with 1/4" nail spacing) that I haven't yet used (I'm very interested in learning to do a continuous weave rectangle) and a set of 3 custom-made one-squares with 1/2" spacing between the nails (I used the 8" one to weave the squares for the Dusk wrap-in-progress.) And he's making me another set with 3/8" spacing.

I may have all the small looms I need now! ya think?


At 5/10/10, 4:50 AM, Blogger walking the yarn said...

This is incredible!

At 5/11/10, 8:05 PM, Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

OMG! I named my visiting dressform 'Zelda', too! (I am keeping her for an overseas pal)
LOVE the garment!

At 5/12/10, 7:49 AM, Blogger Cyn said...

It is beautiful! I love freeform - it soothes my soul and opens my mind. And, the weaving boards add another layer of creativity to your creation. Thanks for sharing the info on them.


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