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Aug 25, 2007

Clover Update

Clover's home and was a little subdued last night -- just wanted to curl up on the sofa beside me.
The surgery went well and it didn't do too much damage to her ear. We await the pathology results sometime next week.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts for her!

Aug 24, 2007


Right at this moment, our beloved Clover, my spirit mutt, is at the vet's having surgery for a tumor on her earflap. We won't know for a week or so whether it's a benign tumor or a mast cell tumor. I took this picture last night while she was lying next to me on the sofa.

She's such an amazing Dog Being -- I never really had a relationship with a dog before Clover, an abandoned pup of 10 months or so who followed me home from a walk in 1999. She's sweet and even-tempered, trusting and happy. I remember that it was her utter joyousness that captured my heart, as she scampered along with me that morning and acted like she had come home when we got to my house.

And during these dark times of tragedy for our family, from Paul's twin brother's death and our Patrick's struggles and death, Clover has been a comfort and dear companion. She's been very healthy these years, and I am praying that she will be with us, happy and healthy, for quite a few more.

All prayer, healing energy and thoughts for Clover are welcomed!

Aug 17, 2007

Some Work in Progress

Way too long since my last update and busy, busy days ahead. Here's a few pictures of things I've been working on:
Ingredients for a hanging/sculptural project I am envisioning.

Handspun being washed to set twist. Looked so grossly like a big bin of worms I just had to take the picture....

Short row wedge shawl - Kureyon, felted/fulled. Am still working out this pattern for another project.

Some Freeform Work

June Scrumble for the exchange I'm in. There's a pocket on this one (mostly handspun yarns) with a wee scrumble baby peeking out.
And here's a picture with the baby scrumble. (Sorry for the poor colors...)

July scrumble......

...and the hat I began working on after being inspired by that scrumble.

This scrumble exchange has been very useful for me. Working on a single palm-sized scrumble, with no bigger project looming in my mind frees me in so many ways. I explore color and texture, try new stitch combinations. Of course, that can be done on one's own and I certainly have enough in the Bits and Pieces Box to demonstrate. But because the scrumble IS the finished object and has purpose, there is also a sense of gratification and accomplishment.

Being inspired to do a project based on the colors and stitches is a bonus. That hat above is nearing completion, which is a very good thing, since this month's scrumble has also given me project ideas that I'm itching to start.


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