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Jul 23, 2007

Blue Moon Bowl & Cat Pin

I'm very excited about my work of late and have tried to refocus on the visions I have of artwork in fiber. It's very difficult for me to concentrate on any one technique, because I love so many ways of working with fiber. For many years, it suited me to be a 'glorious generalist' --a wonderful phrase from Grace Llewellyn's book for homeschooling teens, The Teenage Liberation Handbook.

However, I have reached a point where I feel it's time for me to pull techniques together, to seek the GUT (grand unified theory ) of my personal artistic universe. Or, at least to be more balanced between process and product. I want, too, to focus on the processes that give me the most satisfaction and pleasure in the working: freeform crochet and knitting, small loom weaving, spinning and felting, both wet-felting and needlefelting.

I have been very busy lately, taking time to experiment with ideas that have been begging for some attention, making little bits and pieces which will come together in a series of works on a particular theme (which will be revealed at a later date) and actually completing some projects.

Here are two:

Blue Moon Bowl (2007) 5.5" X 6.75"
Wool, hand-dyed, wet-felted, needle-felted

Blue Moon Bowl (inside view)

Blue Moon Bowl (top view of lid)

I Am Allergic To Cats, But I Honor Them Anyway (2007) 2" X 2.5"
Recycled sari silk, hand-dyed wool, plastic button, metal pinback, crocheted, needlefelted, sewn

The weather has been lovely here, and I am, right at this moment, enjoying a bit of peace after some very stressful weeks. It's primarily my mother and her dementia - if I get too close and involved, I feel like I am right down the rabbit hole with her and my whole body begins to react and I become vulnerable to deep sadness and grief feelings for Patrick.

So, the situation with my mother also seems to be all about balance, but about balance walking a tightrope! In any case, I'm trying to remain in the Now and today I awoke and thought, "Today I will be thankful and seek joy in simple things."


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Jul 11, 2007

Shawl, Morning Glories & Marigolds

This shawl's name was inspired by the colors I worked with. Colors most true in the second photograph. It's a shawl that sits wonderfully on the shoulders and is rather cape-like. And light as a summer breeze, as it's made of silk, cotton and soy silk.

Started it with a triangle in Rowan Summer Tweed (silk & cotton) woven on my Hazel Rose 12". Picked up stitches and knitted from there, bands of SWTC Oasis soy silk in random lace, a different color of the Rowan, more random lace, some seed stitch, but mostly stockinette. Edged in crochet with the soy silk and I did some subtle embellishment with a dark green pearl cotton (3/2, I think) around the triangle and along the front and neck edges.

The bottom cast-off edge was an unvented* edging of my own. First, I cast off by crocheting - a double crochet in each live knit stitch with a chain 1 between. This edging was too light to not curl under, so I unvented another edging which I will attempt to explain:
* [slip stitch, chain 4, slip stitch in 2nd chain , slip stitch in same stitch as first slip stitch] picot (?) made, then slip stitch in next stitch* Repeat to end of edge.

This edging proved perfect to weight the shawl and keep from curling under.

*unvented -- Unventing is an Elizabeth Zimmerman word, coined to describe something you've thought of on your own but are sure that somewhere, sometime, someplace...your brilliant idea has also been thought of by someone or many someone elses.


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Jul 3, 2007

Freeform hat - Galaxy Roads

This is a very quick post to say 'i'm still here!'

This hat is called Galaxy Roads and it took me forever to finish - mainly because I stopped working on it entirely for months. And also because it's freeform mostly in sport and sock weight yarns. The "roads" are Noro Kureyon, the other yarns are Trekking XXL sock yarn and Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport in various colors

I will be posting again soon - with more pictures of the work I've done recently, most of which is going into Riverwools today for display and maybe sale...

Have a great day!

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