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Dec 28, 2005

Dawn Magic Sky and a Curly Whirly

A very quick entry today, duty calls me from home and hearth.
I was lured outside into the freezing early morning by this magical dawn sky a few days ago - it was spectacular and fleeting purples, roses, shimmering golds. Definitely A Gift and so I say thanks!

A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon this blog:
Curly Whirlies
There are loads of links to a variety of patterns, and some great pictures of others' fun making swirly, spiraly, ruffley scarves. Since I love to make corkscrew and spiral embellishments I thought it might be fun to make a whole scarf. These are my samples and experiments:

And here is my finished scarf, done in crochet:
I didn't use any particular pattern. This was made on a chain of 120. I used one skein of handpainted spiral wool I got from Over the Rainbow on eBay last year and edged it with LaGran mohair.

I've decided to wish people "Merry Knitmas!" and declare it a year-round, perpetual celebration fiberlalala la la la laaaaaaa!


At 1/2/06, 9:38 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Thanks for the Curly Whirly tips and link. This is going on my "to make list"


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