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Jan 9, 2015

UFO - Steven West Blanket

I started this last winter and had to stop because of suddenly having a lot of shoulder pain, which wound up as a case of frozen shoulder.  (I haven't been rigorous about dealing with it, but it's better - pain low, range of motion improved.)

I'm not working at the blanket intensely as I was last year, but it's a nice relaxing knit and very warm and cozy, too, as I can drape it over myself during the knitting.

It's really at a point where I could stop, but I feel a bit determined to make it as long as the pattern measurements - about 60 inches.

I want to mention, too, how much I appreciate having a lap blanket for winter driving. Just a thick bit of knitting over the thighs - definitely warms and adds to the comfort level. This would be a great pattern to adapt to make a few - it's quite cushy with the yarn doubled, that neat i-cord border. And easy-peasy!

See my post here for particulars.


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