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Dec 1, 2014

Felted Pouches for Wee Treasures

Was quite taken by this pattern, Teardrop Felt Pouch by Claire Fairall, and just had to order it.
You can see the results in these pictures.

Knitting in progress.

 Knitting finished, just before felting.

Felted, buttonhole cut and button sewn on. Done!

For this one, I followed the pattern exactly, using Cascade worsted weight yarn and size 10.5 needles.

The original pattern is knitted flat and sewn up, but I didn't see why it couldn't,  be switched to knitting-in-the -round on doublepoints.

I knitted the first increase rows flat and then joined, so I only had a little opening to seam. The whole thing could be done in the round, but I find it too fiddley when there are only a few stitches to start (5, in this case.) When I make other felted vessels, top-down hats, etc. I also usually knit the first few rows flat and then join.

I've made four of these now and have a fifth on the needles. They are fun, fast and rather charming, I think. I also love it anytime I can burrow through my vintage button stash.  I didn't get too adventurous with the buttons here, but I am imagining using some of my treasures.
I am also contemplating adding some needlefelted decoration.

 I wanted to see how these worked up in different wool yarns. Counterclockwise from front left:  Ella Rae worsted, Cascade 220 worsted, Noro Kureyon and Malabrigo.

I went down in needle size, too.  Wish I'd written it down - I think I used 9s for the Ella Rae (which is probably my favorite.) and 10s for the other two.

I am pretty pleased with the way all the yarns felted, except for the Kureyon. I should have remembered that it's difficult to felt it by hand at the sink - stitch definition still shows and it's fairly thin.

Now to ponder what or who will live in these pouches...


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